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Loyola University Chicago


In Memoriam

When the University is notified of an alumnus/alumna's passing, we will update our alumni records and this page. Additionally, deceased alumni will have a yellow ribbon icon next to their displayed name in our online alumni directory. If you would like to inform us of an alumnus/alumna's passing, please email us or call 800.5.LOYOLA.

Mr. Jack Karp
Mrs. Nora Brice Karr
Mr. Robert W. Benkowski
Mr. Edward Brazouski
Ms. Ivette Estrada
Mrs. Maryann Ippolito
Mrs. Roberta A Pilkington
Mr. Louis S. Goldstein
Mrs. Berna K. Pollak
Mr. Richard H. Kolb
Ms. Mary E. McGrath
Mr. William H. Miller
Ms. Janet Concannon
Mrs. Donna M. Otto
Mr. John D. Ralston
Robert G. Banks, D.D.S.
Mrs. Lorraine J. Berthelot
Mr. Michael L. Butler
Mr. James R. Cummings
Ms. Linda Erickson
Ms. Mary Ann Peterson
Dr. Edward S. Toy
Ms. Lois A. Lawson
Mrs. Florence H. Walter
Mr. Michael J. Studney
Mrs. Sandra E. Tessem
Mr. Daniel M. Healy
Mr. John F. Rooney
Sarah G. Hamilton, Ph.D.

These names were provided to Alumni Relations July 1 - 31, 2016


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773.508.3730 · luc-alum@LUC.edu